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Since the introduction of the Health and Nano Recharger and Health and Nano Stim in patch 18.4.8, these kits and stims may seem like a relic of the past. The Advanced Nano Recharger in particular though is still a very useful item. Unlike the Health and Nano Recharger, it works as long as you are not in combat; it is no problem if your team or your pets are in combat.

If you do prefer Health and Nano Rechargers and Stims, you can also use these as ingredients to build those yourself.

The tradeskill process

To build Nano Kits and Nano Rechargers is a simple process. Most items needed you can buy in Pharmacy and Chemistry Tools and Bases terminal, you only need to find a Notum Pellet. These may be found in chests in RK missions as well as on mobs. Especially enforcer mobs drop them frequently.

You will need the following items:

When buying components, remember that the Notum Pellet needs to be at least 75% of the quality of the Semi-Finished Nano part (or that Semi-Finished part can be 33% higher of Notum Pellet).

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Requires 5x in Mechanical Engineering skill.

You'll end up with stack of 50 Nano Rechargers or a stack of 25 Nano Kits.

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