Bacchante's Anun Wings

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This tradeskill took a while to figure out. After all, a meal that adds 50 fire damage for 30 seconds sounds like a sweet deal. But this wouldn't be AO, if there wouldn't be a catch or two. First one is that meat used for it,Anun Leg, has a rare drop chance from various Anun mobs scattered around Rubi-Ka. Second is that tool needed doesn't only have to be withing 80% of meat, but in this case name of it also matters. Tool is actually a weapon and needs to be named either : Quality E-Beamer, Balanced E-Beamer, Fine-Tuned E-Beamer, Deluxe E-Beamer, Premium E-Beamer or simply E-Beamer. Good news is that those weapons can be either bought from Weapon shop terminals, missioned for or even built using those Construction Manuals.
With all this complications, creating this spicy meal is straightforward enough.

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You'll need 4x Ranged Energy skill. Note : If you don't have enough skill, error mesage will name it "LR_Energy Weapon". Note that the QL of the E-beamer needs to be within 80% of the QL of the Anun Leg.

From 1 leg you only create 1 meal. But if you're lucky enough to find more Anun Legs of same ql, you can stack the product.

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