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I'm sure each of us has come across an Enriched Notum Nugget, while we were really looking for other kinds. The good news is that it can still be useful by converting it into a Notum Fragment.

All we need for this is a Sledgehammer. But as of Patches 17.6.0 and 18.6.17 it *does* matter what kind. It can not be a Paper Hammer or any of the Sledgehammer - 050 or any of updated version types. You should find an older version like Quality Sledgehammer, Senior Sledgehammer or Professional Sledgehammer. These are still rollable (verified rollable Aug 17, 2018), but reportedly may also be found on Dynas as well, (unverified).

It doesn't matter if we can't equip it, it's used exactly the same as any other tradeskill tool. But we need to be powerful enough. Make sure you have the skills to combine them, (sledge is not consumed).

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Requires x3 in Strength based on the QL of the Nugget.

Last updated on 08.17.2018 by Cariadast
Information originally provided by Trgeorge.
Additional info provided by Luckycharmmz
Additional verification done by Emeraldninja
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