The Dantian Belt of Life

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This little belt can be built with help of an item found inside The Crypt in Broken Shores. This belt is nice, because there aren't many belts that add to basic abilities. Furthermore, building it is easy.

You will need the following items:

The Pit Demon Heart drops from any Pit Demon inside The Crypt. Belt Component Platform 5000 or Belt Component Platform 6K-X can be found in missions. It doesn't really matter which belt you pick, since they both produce the same item and you'll need 450 Computer Literacy skill to build it in both cases.

The tradeskill process is the same for both belts:

Note that the Dantian Belt of Life will always turn out to have 5 slots.

Last updated on 12.19.2012 by Llie
Information originally provided by Trgeorge.
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