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A Lock Pick is one of the essential items in the game; without it you cannot unlock doors or chests. However there are times when you will store it in a backpack and forget it, which could mistakenly be traded to another player and you won't notice it's gone until you're away from civilisation looking for it to unlock something. Making a Personal Lock Pick will make it impossible to trade since it will become NODROP, therefore you will always have it. Just don't put it in your bank, because then you will have to run back to a city to get it.

The Tradeskill Process

You will need the following items to make a Personal Lock Pick:

All of the items above can be purchased from general shops. The QL doesn't matter. The tradeskill process for making the Personal Lock Pick is quite simple:

Bam! Now all you need is to keep up with your Breaking and Entry skill to use it on doors and chests. The only downside is that you can't use the Personal Lock Pick for tradeskilling, for example when making Accelerated NCU Memory.

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