Mechanical Analyzer

Class: Engineer
Faction: All Factions
Level: All Levels
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The Mechanical Analyzer is an item only for Engineers that enhances the Mechanical Engineering Skill a bit, which could be crucial to any tradeskiller.

Here are the items you need:


Drops from different tech-scavengers

Buyable from Tools for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering booth

Buyable from Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Components booth

The Technoscavenger Brain is a common drop from low level robot mobs that is NoDrop (you can't trade it with another player). There are a few places where you can find them. Head to Athen Shire (west from West Athens) in the area around Trash King (1600, 1000) where you will find a junkyard full of Junkbot tech-scavengers, Buckethead Technoscavengers and Buzzsaw tech-scavengers that drop the brain. You must be careful to avoid the attention of the Trash King who is a tough giant robot and his pal Trash King Lackey next to him (they're social mobs so if they see you kill fellow robots they will attack). Stay on the north side of the junkyard and you should be safe. They also drop items for the shoulderpads quest if you haven't done it already.

You can find the same mobs in Greater Tir County (1650, 2200), and you can also find a large number of robots around Master Divenchy in Newland (900 x 860).

The tools can be found in general shops, and you should buy the Bio Analyzing Computer of at least QL 40.

Two easy steps to complete Mechanical Analyzer:

  +    =  

Requires x3.5 Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Skills based on QL of Brain.

  +    =  

Requires x3.5 Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Skills based on QL of Bio Analyzing Computer.

It will only enhance tradeskills by 4 points, but considering that you will be short of them many times overtime this item will certainly come in handy.

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