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When opening chests in missions, players often come across Symbio-Graft: Flawed Defensive Screen or Boosted-Graft: 1H Blunt Weapon Incompetence. Maybe not exactly those two, but similar ones. Most of those are useless, like the second one for example, but some of the Grafts out there are real gems. For instance Enhanced Senses, Adventurer morphs, Soldier reflect shields, just to name some of them. There is also a big difference between Symbio-Grafts and Boosted-Grafts, Boosted grafts lock certain skill for lot less time and can be re-used sooner.

Every Graft, Sybio or Boosted one, profession specific or regular one, can be hacked. All you do with hacking is removing profession requirement, so hacking those without it is useless. Still, it's possible.

You'll need:

Can be found in mission chests.
Can be found in the Devices and Tools booth.

Here is an example of the process:


Requires x1.6 Breaking & Enter Skill based on QL of the Graft.
Hacker Tool's QL must be at least 75% of the graft QL

Sometimes you'll come across players that will use Grafts even if their profession has exactly the same nano, especially if the nano in question is hostile. That's because you can't fumble with a Graft and the targets' Nano Resist Skill doesn't play a role.

Please consult our complete list of grafts and what each one does for more information on grafts.

Last updated on 03.31.2013 by Llie
Information originally provided by Trgeorge.
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