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Grafts are gadgets that allow you to cast a nano program, as if you had uploaded it from a Nano Crystal. Unlike Nano Crystals though, grafts can be hacked. This removes the profession requirement, allowing for example a doctor to cast Enhanced Senses, or an enforcer to cast Detain Suspect.
In the case of combat nano’s, they can never be resisted by the target and will always land succesfully.

This guide describes where to find grafts and how to hack them.

Where to get them

Prior to the 18.7 patch, it was possible to loot grafts in missions and get them as mission reward. This is no longer the case. A vendor, the Den Smuggler Broker, is now available in Smugglers Den, who sells Ql200 Boosted-Grafts (not Symbio-Grafts). He is located behind the desk in the long room to the left of the room with Ash Andersen. To reach him you will need to get past a lot of level 100-120 Mantises as well as level 150-170 Smugglers. If you don’t want to fight them, calms or high concealment is the safest way to get there. If you’re tough enough, you can also simply blitz to him and ignore all the mobs. You can access his inventory while in a fight.

The price of the grafts depends on your Computer Literacy skill. With 1000 CompLit, they cost 1.625.625.

His inventory is random and he usually has 6 to 10 grafts. He is up for 20 minutes at a time, and then despawns for 20 minutes. When he returns he has a new inventory. He cannot be killed and you cannot prevent him from despawning by holding the shop open.

The Den Smuggler Broker

Map with his location marked

Available grafts

The Den Smuggler Broker sells the following grafts:

Besides these, many others exist that players still have from when they were lootable in missions. For the complete list of all grafts and their effects, have a look on aoitems.com.

Hacking grafts

Every graft, symbio or boosted, profession-specific or not, can be hacked. All you do with hacking is removing the profession requirement, so hacking those without one is useless. Still, it's possible.

To hack a graft, you need:

Can be bought from the Den Smuggler Broker.
Can be found in the ICC Tech Supplies terminal in shops.

Here is an example of the process:


Requires x1.6 Breaking & Entering skill based on QL of the graft.
The Hacker Tool's QL must be at least 75% of the graft QL.

Bonus tip

You can wear up to two grafts on your social tab in the wrist slots. They have no visible effect, but it will save you some inventory space.

Last updated on 10.28.2022 by Saavick
Information originally provided by Trgeorge.
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