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Have you ever found yourself needing a Fixer for a F-Grid ride and unable to find one? Then this item might make life a bit easier for you.

Items needed:

Can be found on RK Team mission bosses as well as on Dyna bosses across Rubi-Ka.

Spawns in a Fixers inventory when he/she/it casts Team F-Grid (Hack Grid Data Stream (Team))

After having gotten yourself an Empty Data Receptacle Container, find a friendly Fixer and trade the item to him/her/it. Once the fixer has the item all he/she has to do is:

By right-clicking the Full Data Receptacle Container it will revert to an Empty Data Receptacle Container (That you can get a fixer to fill again) as well as spawn a:

in your inventory like it would if you had a Fixer casting Hack Grid Data Stream (Team) in your team. Click the Data Receptacle on a Grid Terminal and you will be granted access to the Fixer Grid.
NOTE: The Data Receptacle only lasts 20 seconds, so be sure that you are close to a Grid Terminal before right-clicking the Full Data Receptacle Container.

Last updated on 01.21.2011 by Trgeorge
Written by Quilluck
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