Briefcase of Holding

Class: Bureaucrat
Faction: All Factions
Level: All Levels
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This useful item can only be used by Bureaucrats. Besides giving you the professional crat look and some small bonuses the main reason to get one is that it allows you instant access to your bank anywhere you may be which is great.

The Briefcase of Holding, as well as being held in the Right Hand, can be placed directly into your inventory, OR in a backpack in that inventory, and used from any of those locations as long as the Bureaucrat meets the Requirements to do so.



Title Level 4
Profession Bureaucrat
Psychology 300
Multi Melee 300

Sensory Improvement 5
Sneak Attack 10
Exp% Modifier 1

To tradeskill and create this item you will need the following items:

Order OTSC-490 Group A can be found in missions from both chests and mobs (Crats or Secretaries are best), or mobs around Rubi-Ka, (again Crats and Secretaries seem best). The Expendable Hologram Camera, ID-extractor, Omni-Tek Multi-Form are sold in regular shops.

Note: You will need the Omni-Tek Multi-Form, not the Clan form or the non-sided, because no other form will work.

Now it's time to make your new briefcase with the following process:

  +    =  

Requires 7 in Psychology Skill. This process makes ID-data NODROP

  +    =  

Requires 250 in Psychology Skill.This process makes Personal Order OTSC-490 Group A YESDROP

  +    =  

Requires 375 in Psychology Skill. This process makes Briefcase of Holding UNIQUE

Now you're the proud owner of a sleek-looking briefcase which you can show off to younger crats and make them drool.

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Information originally provided by Windguaerd.
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