Adventure Shields

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Deflection Shields

Sometimes you're fighting a dynaboss in your Carbonum armour and you wish you had a little more Radiation AC. Or maybe you're PVPing someone with Gelid Blades in your CAS Symbiotic armour and you wish you had a little more Cold AC.

In these cases, a deflection shield might be for you. A deflection shield is a usable item for melee users, which will boost a specific AC type or Evade-ClsC for a short length of time. They require the Deflect skill to use.

The following ones are available:

You can find deflection shields in sided shops in the Devices terminals. Neutral stores do have Superior Deflection Shield in the ICC Accessories terminals, but none of the others. Alternatively you can get all of them as mission reward.

Adventure Shields

If you're an adventurer, these deflection shields can be upgraded so that their lockout is shorter. You upgrade them with a Neutron Displacer like so:

  +    =  

Requires 3.5x the QL of the Deflecion Shield in FieldQuantumPhysics. The QL of the Neutron Displacer must be at least 50% of the QL of the Deflection Shield.

You can make the following adventure shields this way:

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