Veil of the Revoked

Class: Trader, Enforcer
Faction: All Factions
Level: All Levels
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Create a very nice Enforcer or Trader back slot item which even Agents can wear. You must do this tradeskill yourself, since the item will become NoDrop at the end of the process.

Here are the parts you will need:

You can get the Cloak of the Revoked from Dark Cenobites and the Spirit Tech Circlet of Cerubin (rare drop) from Cerubin the Rejected, both which reside inside the Crypt dungeon, you can check this guide for details.

The process is quite simple:

The cloak will be QL 100 and it can be used by Enforcers, Traders, and Agents who use False Profession to temporarily change to one of the two requisite professions. The combination process will require 400 Computer Literacy, which is below the requirement to actually wear the veil, so should not pose any problem.

The requirements to wear the cloak (in addition to the profession requirements) are 600 Computer literacy and 440 Intelligence. The item is invisible, and so does not look like anything when worn.

Last updated on 07.02.2013 by Llie
Information originally provided by Windguaerd, updated with feedback from Maeventura.
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