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For this special helmet you'll first need to locate a Stalker. It has to be called Stalker and not e.g. Striker Stalker, even though those look exactly the same. You can find them in various places around Rubi-Ka, for example
northeast of 2HO
Stret East Bank - 1180x2580
in Stret East Bank near fgrid exit 6R, or in
the mountains around the Rhinoman village
Upper Stret East Bank - 785x3035
in the northwest of Upper Stret East bank.

These Stalkers may drop a Stalker Carapace. The drop rate isn't too bad and it shouldn't take too long to find one. Secondly you need a MasterComm - Personalization Device. This is easier to find; just visit the Tradeskill Department in your local shop. Look for the terminal with Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Components. QL 1 will do, but higher is also fine. Then combine the items like so:

  +    =  
Requires 500 in Mechanical Engineering.

The helmet adds +5 to Intelligence and Treatment and +10 to First Aid, but lacks on ACs. That makes this a useful buffing item, for example for equipping implants. It also has a unique look:

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