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Women. Seducers. Predators. Killers. Any of those words can describe Medusas. How many perished while listening to their sweet songs? In their defense, one thing must be said, they won't attack those of female persuasion unless attacked first. Safest way to think about them is to think of them as old aunties. While sweet at one moment, they too can turn into ravening beasts one second later. Oh, and they always carry something warm to wear. In our case, it's the Notum Threaded Zodiacal Blanket.

They are just reluctant to part with it sometimes (it isn't 100% drop). Why is an old blanket important? Because you can build a backpack out of it. It's affordable, it's great for mid-level players with nothing more sensible to wear on their back, and once outgrown, it can still be used to store items in it. That's right ladies and gentlemen, if you just give me 5 minutes, I'll present you this cheap, 2 in 1, great looking item. Furthermore, I can guarantee you to meet interesting and adventurous women, while searching for it. But wait! There's more. If you're interested in engineering, you really can't do without this item. If you call in the next 30 minutes, you....doh, I'm sorry, I got bit carried away, blame it to professional handicap. And now for something completely different.

Right. Where were we? Oh, building a backpack. Well as probably guessed by now, the blanket drops off of Medusas. Should you choose monster setting QL 120-200 missions, the chances are high that you'll encounter Medusas and get your blanky. Or you can chase Medusas around Eastern Foul Planes or Deep Artery Valley.

Medusas will not harm female Rubi-Kans.

You will need the following items:

QL 71 or higher
(Only 1 is used up in the process)

The Field Quantum Physics All-Purpose Tools can be found in the General Tools Terminal in the Tradeskill departments in most shops. You can get a Hacker Tool from the Devices Terminal. The Hacker tool must be at least 90% of the QL of the Field Quantum Physics All-Purpose Tools.

The process:

Step 1.

First you need to hack one Field Quantum Physics All-Purpose Tool.

  +    =  
Takes x3.5 in Breaking & Entering Skill based on the QL of the tool.

Step 2.

The next step will produce a NoDrop item. So if you're unsure you'll be able to complete the final step, hand over the items to someone with higher tradeskills (yes, you'll need to hand the blanket over too).

  +    =  
Takes x2.5 in Field Quantum Physics and x3.5 in Electrical Engineering Skills based on the QL of the Hacked Field Quantum Physics Tool.

Now you have a NoDrop item.

Step 3.

Now to make your backpack.

  +    =  
Takes x3.5 in Mechanical Engineering based on the QL of the Unstable Space Reduction Chamber.

So what do you get from it? Apart from it being a nice looking backpack with these stats it can also be used as an upgrade for Solar-Powered Master Engineer Pistol.

Modelled by Veneron, RK1.

Last updated on 11.15.2011 by Silvana
Information originally provided by Trgeorge.
Additional information provided by Windguaerd & xyz123abc
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