Nano Breed Service Suit Armor

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Before you go on, this armor is one of rarest found on Rubi-Ka. So far only handfull of pieces were found, even if it made ingame years ago (only confirmed drop is reported from lvl 59 Nano Breed mob inside mission). And since it's limited buffs, mostly collectors would be interested in it.

You will need the following items:

The Nano Programming Interface can be bought from tools terminals. Inactive OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots are in armor and clothing components terminals. Hacker Tool drop from missions and can also be purchased at regular shops.

First, you need to prepare OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots. If you want fully augmented armor, you'll need 10 pieces of them for each armor piece you're making. Nano Programming Interface doesn't get used up in the process.

  +    =  

This process takes x2.5 Computer Literacy and x4 Nano Programming Skills based on the QL of Nanobots. Inactive OT Nanobots must be within 90% of armor.

Once this is sorted, you're ready to start on armor itself:

  +    =  

This step will also require 60 Nano Programming skill. Every next step NP skill needed will increase for 60, for example:

  +    =  

This step will require 120 Nano Programming skill. And so on, untill you come to last upgrade (540 NP needed):

If you manage to collect all 5 pieces of armor (4 different pieces and extra sleeve, since there aren't that many one-armed characters around) and upgrade them to maximum, you'll get bonus of:

MaxNanoEnergy: 1100
NanoC.Init: 250

With that, only practical use for it, that I can think of, is maybe some NT or Doctor twink, but they would still be penalized for lack of AC or Nano Skill mods on this armor.

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