Hacked Light Omni-Tek Artillery Tank Armor

Class: Soldier
Faction: All Factions
Level: All Levels
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Everyone knows guns, pistols and whatnot are a soldier's best friend. If you don't, ask one. Be prepared to sit tight for hours listening to his or her ramblings, comparing size and stuff like that. Unfortunately some soldiers fail to realize that their second best friend should be a sturdy piece of gear that protects them. For that purpose, Omni-Pol and Omni AF developed special Light Omni-Tek Artillery Tank Armor. Due to material limitations, this tank armor is only manufactured in quality levels 100 to 200. Now, before you go knocking on your supply sergeant's door, all shipments of this armor were stolen, so you can only get it by hunting down various Rubi-Ka dyna bosses.

But since the standard issue can only be worn by Omni-Tek personnel, several groups started to develop ways of enabling it to be worn by any faction. Soon, not one, but two methods were developed which removed the OT restriction. Unfortunately both processes double the run speed handicap.

  +    =  

Hacker tool needs to be at least 40% the ql of Tank Armor. You'll need 5x Breaking and Entering skill to hack it.

  +    =  

QFT tool needs to be at least 40% the ql of Tank Armor. You'll need 5x Field Quantum Physics skill to hack it.

With good AC protection, modifier to projectile damage, and only a runspeed debuff, this is a good piece of armor.

Last updated on 12.26.2019 by Saavick
Information originally provided by Trgeorge.
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