Eyemutant Sinew Armor

Class: Enforcer
Faction: All Factions
Level: All Levels
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Not tired of crafting Eye Mutants remains? Well, it's definitely time then to stack up on XXX-Plumbo Beer Can from your local bartender. Don't worry about a hang-over, you'll need it all for the creation of this armor.

In this set you can only build Sleeves, Boots and Gloves. For that you'll need lots of Eyemutant Sinews and couple of Patches of Bronto Skin.

Items Required:

XXX-Plumbo Beer Can can be bought from bartenders and food vendors. B.B.I. - Nano Enhanced B-12 Tanning Acid can be found in Pharmaceutical Components Terminal within the Tradeskill Departments of shops. Hides drop from Brontos, though they can also be found in chests.

The Process:

Step 1:

This process requires x4.5 in Chemistry and x2.6 in Agility Skills.

Step 2:

Step 3:

Now you need to attach the right Sinews to right hide type. It goes like this:
For this step you'll require x125 the Bundle in Chemistry Skill.

Why bundle? Because you can upgrade each piece of armor with 12 Bundles (told you to stack up on beer). So for the final version of Eyemutant Sinew Boots - 12 Bundles, Eyemutant Sinew Gloves - 12 Bundles and Eyemutant Sinew Sleeves - 12 Bundles you'll need 1500 Chemistry skill. Which is a total of 48 beers since you can equip 2 sleeves.

Here is the armor:

Eyemutant Sinew Armor

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