Cranium Nano Cloak

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This isn't as much building job as modifying one. With the process this back item loses some of it's limiting requirements and unfortunately some mods too.

You will need the following items:

The Red Cranium Nano Cloak is a Clan & Meta-Physicist only item, it drops in QL 100-150 from dyna and mission bosses. Since it has Clan, MP, level and all nano skills requirement to wear, not many could wear it. But as said, it can be modified. The Field Quantum Physics All-Purpose Tool can be found at a General Tools Terminal and must be at least 40% based on the QL of the cloak. Hacker Tool can be bought from Tools Terminal and must be at least 40% based on the QL of the cloak.

With this first tradeskill step we remove the Meta-Physicist profession requirement, but the nano casting mods disappear too:

  +    =  
Requires 6X of cloaks QL of Field Quanum Physics

Next step removes the Clan side requirement and lowers some nano skill mods:

  +    =  
Requires 6X of cloaks QL of Breaking & Entering

So now the cloak can be worn by anyone (except Shade profession) that meets level and rather high nano skill requirements. After initial loss of nano casting bonus we're missing some MaxNanoEnergy too.

Red Cranium Nano Cloak

Grey Cranium Nano Cloak

Grey Nano Cloak

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