Barter Armor

Class: Trader
Faction: All Factions
Level: All Levels
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This specific set of armor is usable only by traders. You'll need several components, available either from shops or mobs.

You will need the following items:

1 per armour piece

Augmented Nano Armour
2 pieces of notum are needed per piece of armour.

For a full set you will need to gather all 6 pieces of the Augmented Nano (including an extra sleeve! if you want to wear one on each arm). The armor is available as mission reward QL 75+, drops from mobs and is found in chests and it is available in shops up to QL 125. The Nano Programming Interface can be bought from tools terminals. Inactive OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots are in armor and clothing components terminals. Notum Chip and Notum Fragment drops from mobs and is found in chests.

Barter Armor is an upgrade from the Nano Armor, to start the process we must first prepare the item that makes the upgrade:

  +    =  
This process takes x2.5 Computer Literacy and x4 Nano Programming Skills based on the QL of Nanobots.
Inactive OT Nanobots will set final QL of upgrade and must be within 90% of armor.

  +    =  

  +    =  
This process takes x1 Chemistry and x4 Nano Programming Skills based on the QL of the Nanobots.
The Notum Chips or Fragments need to be at least 90% the QL of the OT Nanobots.

All there's left now is to upgrade armor

The Process

Here is the armor:

Barter Armor

QL 200 Barter Armor

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Information originally provided by Trgeorge. Additional information provided by Windguaerd (sourced from Anarchy Mainframe).
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