Pietro Molla's Quest

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This is a small quest with a small but fun reward.

Talk to
Pietro Molla
Aegean - 535x346

He is located in Aegean South, next to the Rhinoman Village (535, 346). He wants you to deliver some divorce papers to his wife. If you continue chatting with him he tells you that her previous name was Gianna Perugino.

He will give you this:

Description: "For Mrs. Gianna Molla" This envelope no longer looks to be sealed"

Talk to
Gianna Molla
Stret West Bank - 1285x2980
/ Gianna Perugino
Speak to Gianna who is close to the Whom-Pahs by Reet's Retreat (1285,2980) in Street West Bank, and deliver the bad news. She will give you a her wedding ring to return to Pietro.

The inside of the ring bears the inscription "For you alone. Pietro."

Talk to Pietro Molla
Hand him the ring as proof of delivery of the divorce papers and you will get your reward... get ready... its a truly amazing reward !!


Apart from rewarding Omni-tek trash can, he can award Cheap Metal Chair too.

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