Omni-Med Battle Armor

Class: Doctor
Faction: Omni
Level: 190-220
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If you're an Omni-Tek aligned Doctor of level 190 or higher, this guide might help you acquire an interesting alternative to Omni-Armed Forces armor. The Secondary Base in Avalon contains an NPC called Dr. Henrik Stevenson.

When asked about himself and how long he's already been in this base, he will give you the option of asking him to hook you up with some equipment. His primary interest seems to be primarily in Omni-Armed Forces Armor pieces. In addition to those pieces, he also needs Instruction Disks containing high level Doctor nanos. Apparently, he uses those pieces of equipment to do research. As a compensation, he does provide us with an equivalent piece of Omni-Med Battle Armor. Here are all pairs of armor pieces and instruction disks, as well as the items that the dear doctor will exchange them for:

It should be noted that Dr. Stevenson does indeed need the disc versions of those Doctor nanos. While the nano crystals for them are mission rollable, the discs are mob- and boss loot. Now you might ask what the benefits of the Omni-Med Battle Armor are, so here's an overview of its looks and stats:

Model for the ingame picture: Tarels RK1

Last updated on 11.26.2012 by Llie
Written by Uragon
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