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Leona is a little girl . Her daddy is away fighting the aliens. She just hangs around the Bronto Burger stand in Newland (1080,445), but there is something bothering her. Apparently her "friend" Rotten Peter has stolen her doll so she asks for your help.

Leona, found by the Bronto Burger Stand near Newland Lake.

Peter is located inside a mission (The mission scales depending on your level). When you agree to help Leona, the coordinates for the mission will be uploaded to your map. Don't be fooled by them being children and playmates, in order to retrieve her doll, you need to kill Peter and loot Leona's Doll off his corpse. Unfortunately you cannot equip the doll in your hand.

Rotten Peter.

When you return her doll, she'll reward you with one of the different colored Bacchante Fancy Laterns. For example:

This is the only way you can get this item, Bazzit's Shop does not sell them.

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