Will to Fight

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Will to Fight
Stret West Bank - 2243x3130
is located in the north east corner of Stret West Bank.

Will to Fight

Location: 2243 x 3130, Northern River Bank, Stret West Bank.
From the outside, this place looks like a very small shack. This shack though has tardis properties.. and it is certainly MUCH bigger on the inside!

Outside of Will to Fight

Map showing location.

Will to Fight is a PvP dungeon. The inside of the building, apart from the extrance area is in 25% Supression Gas. Entering into the 25% gas areas has a count down timer, just like with tower sites.

You will not find much wildlife inside. Each faction area has a handful of mining mobs and 2 guards. The dungeon is geared towards PvP only, which could be why it isn't very frequently populated.

The dungeon is made up of a large room which is joined by tunnels from each sides teleportation room. This large room is a central cave called "Gnuff's Lair". Gnuff lives in the cave.. so perhaps he has decided he has enough legal rights to name it after himself.

The starting areas

Omni, Clan and Neutral each have teleporters inside the entrance room

Omni teleporter

Clan teleporter

Neutral teleporter

Using the teleporter for your faction, will send you to faction-specific starting area. In these starting areas are also some "strange teleporters" clicking on these will also teleport you around the dungeon. Alternatively, you can just use the door to start making your way through the tunnels.

Omni starting area.

Clan starting area.

Neutral starting area.

Making your way through the tunnels

Whether you start from the Omni, Clan or Neutral starting area, all the tunnels will take you to a central large cave.

The Central Cave

Within the central cave is a level 5 creature called Gnuff.


Gnuff is a miner, he mines crystals :

The Will to Fight dungeon is massive. If you are good at reading your map and have a good sense of direction, you should be ok.. if you aren't then you might end up like the guy I found face down in the water at the bottom of the waterfall!

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