The Happy Rebel

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The Happy Rebel
Tir - 550x553
was a place where clan veterans used to meet, drink and boast of their bravery against Omni-Tek.

The Happy Rebel

Location: 550 x 553 Tir City (Official Capital of the Clans).

Located near the Tir grid access, The Happy Rebel in it's heyday was one of the busiest clan hangouts. This changed when a few years ago The Sentinels clan took over the capital and immediately proceeded to shoot any neutrals who entered the town. It's popularity dropped drastically to the point that these days, it's rare to see more than a few customers inside.

Outside of The Happy Rebel.

Location of The Happy Rebel on the AoRK (Atlas of Rubi-Ka) Map.

As you enter, you will see three doors. One on the left, another to the right and the last one in the back.

If you take the left door, then you will enter a small meeting room. The door right across from you came in from, leads to a kitchen.

I've never seen anyone use the kitchen in all the years I've come here, I wonder if any of the equipment even works, hmm...

Going past the kitchen, there are six doors, each leading to a somewhat private room (anyone can enter since you can't lock the door).

The rooms are very basic, The Happy Rebel has never been linked to any sort of luxury.

Going back to the main corridor, when you take the right door there will be a dark room (unless you keep the door open) where you'll meet Revanda Magdy, the sole employee of the entire establishment.

If you have some patience, you'll learn about her background and even some interesting information about certain well known clan figures. She's also part of a Daily Mission.

Going back to the main corridor, the only remaining door to go through is the one to the back, where the restrooms are located. It's a small room with only two stalls.

Ok so it's a basic toilet, but it works.

Long gone are the days of large crowds of clanners and neutrals drinking, laughing and having a good time. Those few who do go to The Happy Rebel, are more of the seedy and secretive kind, looking for a place to handle private business.

Warning: Omni and Neutral players can make a fast run from the grid access into The Happy Rebel, but that doesn't guarantee their safety due to certain Sentinel guards roaming around town itching to kill them.

Last updated on 11.26.2012 by Llie
Written by Windguaerd.
Maps: Atlas of Rubi Ka.
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