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In addition to more well-known "proper" dungeons like Biomare or Smuggler's Den, there are several simple static dungeons in Rubi-Ka. They don't contain any remarkable creatures or loot, and they have similar layouts as randomly generated missions. They always contain the same creatures and have the same layout, and generally reset if left empty for 20 minutes. While it's hard to be fully exhaustive, due to the immensity of Rubi-Ka, we'll try to provide already gathered infos in here region by region, and possibly patch this guide as soon as new information(s) will flow. Without further ado, they are listed here for your information !


Three buildings
Mort - 1934x1257
just right next to the grid. Contains lvl 110-150 Medusas, cyborgs, onagi, rhinomen, bileswarm and NPCs.
Ruins (Cyborg camp)
Mort - 1350x589
, 140ish hellhounds.
Another building
Mort - 1351x562
next door at is broken (Playshifting failed).
Mini crater
Mort - 855x2278
(daily mission location) 160ish Borgs. They drop the same daily mission body parts like the borgs outside.
"Mask of Tragedy"
Mort - 1339x2753
North-West crater, drills, aquaans lvl ~129-143.
Cyborg crater
Mort - 1538x1095
(south), snakes and stuff)lvl ~110-121.

Tir County

City north west
Tir County - 2061x1124
Rollerrats< lvl 5.
City south west
Tir County - 2008x947
Mutants and animals < lvl 5.
City south
Tir County - 2238x888
Leets & such lvl 1.

Old Athen

All the inhabitants are around lvl 5 or lower.
Shop street
Athen Old - 576x290
NPCs & robots.
Athen Old - 423x489
named NPCs.
South Hill
Athen Old - 399x308
NPCs & mutants.
Athen Old - 452x275
South east
Athen Old - 524x246
NPCs & mutants.
East Hill
Athen Old - 497x356
NPCs & mutants.

Omni Trade

All the inhabitants are around lvl 5 or lower.
North west
Omni-1 Trade - 230x527
South west
Omni-1 Trade - 267x195
South east left
Omni-1 Trade - 515x228
Mutants & NPCs.
South east right
Omni-1 Trade - 551x238
South east top
Omni-1 Trade - 551x271
Mutants & NPCs.
North east left
Omni-1 Trade - 519x467
North east right
Omni-1 Trade - 579x521

Stret East Bank

North Mines
Stret East Bank - 1125x2125
60ish animals.
Central Mines
Stret East Bank - 1140x1955
70ish mutants & nanofreaks.
South Camp
Stret East Bank - 1064x1080
50ish NPCs & scorpioids.
They are around the "mines" labels in Saavick's map around 2HO exit.

Omni Forest

Omni Forest - 478x2160
Shadowmutants lvl <5.


Aegean - 360x673
Animals lvl 10-15


West Mines
Clondyke - 1882x3805
Mutants 50ish.
South Mines
Clondyke - 1954x3731
Mutants Aquaans50ish.
North east Mines
Clondyke - 2014x3910
Rhinomen and animals 50ish.
North west Mines
Clondyke - 1994x3957
Mutants 50ish.

Lush Fields

North Pipe
Lush Fields - 932x2837
, Mutants lvl 1.
Lush Fields - 2020x1956
Rhinomen lvl 10-15.
Foggy Hill west
Lush Fields - 746x952
Mutants lvl 10ish.
Foggy Hill east
Lush Fields - 1719x1005
Rhinomen and animals lvl 10-15.
South Coast
Lush Fields - 3568x1565
Named NPCs and rollerrats lvl 10ish.
South Island
Lush Fields - 3439x2287
Mutants lvl 10ish.
North Island
Lush Fields - 3506x2953
Animals (Lost Pet Snakes and Minibrontos) lvl 10ish.

Pleasant Meadows

Treepine Hut north east
Pleasant Meadows - 2601x2085
Bileswarm, Aquaan, Medusa lvl 100ish.
Treepine Hut north west
Pleasant Meadows - 2173x2327
Mutants level 30ish.

Belial Forest

North-East shelter
Belial Forest - 3006x3036
level 100 NPCs, onagi, droids ; first door inside was locked and trapped, which is the unique feature of this dungeon.
Wine Barracks
Belial Forest - 2250x2254
contains Soldiers lvl 145.

The zone also offers several 5% pvp rooms without creatures within Wine village :
Belial Forest - 2208x2211

Belial Forest - 2233x2213

Belial Forest - 2096x2273

Belial Forest - 2233x2213

Belial Forest - 2271x2167


There are some old sources (CSPmap) pointing to more locations as in Pleasant Meadows, but they don't seem to be accessible anymore.

Thanks for complementary checks and informations : Leileena, Saavick, Lucier, Wrecklord0, Shadex, Shadowmib, OK-Manner1644, Higain, Hannobal.

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Edited by Bitnykk based on infos gathered by Hannobal
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