Soul Fragment Monument

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Soul Fragment Monument

Location: 2620 x 2930, Northern Swamp, Southern Artery Valley.
Soul Fragment Monument
Southern Artery Valley - 2620x2930
is located within a Carbonrich Rock field in the Northeast corner of Southern Artery Valley.

Soul Fragment Monument.


The monument is actually a location within the Rubi-Ka Tours given by Killian Sweeney. If you haven't already been on the tour and listened to the pre-recorded information on the data disc at the site, here is a small extract:

This sculpture, made by the renowned artist Reese Winslow, portrays a giant soul fragment carved from the largest quartz crystal ever discovered on Rubi-Ka. It represents the only physical trace human kind has been able to find of the spirit, or soul as some call it...

To hear the rest of the recording, why not go to the site yourself!

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