Galway Castle Miniature Model

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Galway Castle Miniature Model
Galway County - 1115x990

Location: 1115 x 990, Galway County
Located just on the border of Galway Shire and Galway County, this miniature model is certainly worth a visit.

Galway Castle Miniature Model


The model is a location within the Rubi-Ka Tours given by Killian Sweeney. If you haven't already been on the tour and listened to the pre-recorded information on the info disc at the site, here is a small extract:

When trade mogul Galway wanted to build his own town in the 60's, architect and artist Darren Thurston presented this 1/10 scale model to him as a suggestion of how it could look.

It took him eight days to complete and consists of 27553 pieces. It comes fully installed with water, electricity and even a small gravity engine to keep the entrance sign hovering.

There is more information on the info disc, but you will have to visit the minature to hear it.. and to run around the model city with the tiny bunnies that are hopping about inside!

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