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Eddie Vendor
Stret West Bank - 1200x2820
is a one of a kind vendor. He is located in Stret West Bank, in the town of Last Ditch, just before Reet's Retreat. (Coords: 1200, 2820)

Right click on Eddie to open his dialogue screen. You can chat to him if you like, he gives out great directions. Besides promoting Rubi-Ka, he also sells stuff. His stock ranges from weapons to food and backpacks, but it's all fairly regular stuff you can buy in any shop. Once done you can click the shopping cart icon at the bottom of his dialogue screen. This will open his available stock.

Use your shopping cart icon wisely.

He only packs two items which you can't buy anywhere else:

The Personal Backpack lost its purpose with the 16.0 patch, which removed the penalty of loosing items when you died and waiting at a reclaim terminal to retrieve them. The backpack is NODROP and, like all NODROP items, would not leave your inventory when you died. Before that, players stored ammo and health kits in the backpacks, so they could start their way back to where they were killed without the delay caused by waiting for reclaim. Virgin Chocolates are a nice way to get on the sweet side of girls.

Last updated on 10.01.2012 by Llie
Originally written by Trgeorge.
Map used for the location image: Atlas of Rubi-Ka
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