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Location: 757 x 753 Omni-1 Entertainment, North

Outside Baboons.

Omni-1 Entertainment - 757x753
is a fantastic nightclub, with stacks of separate areas, decks all set up for your favourite DJ, loads of Bartenders and most importantly a dancing Atrox!

A Dancing Fool.

As you come through the door down the hall way into the main area of Baboons, you cannot help I am sure, but be slightly amazed at its size as well as take in the massive trees!

The main area.

As you can see straight ahead there is the DJ's platform, this main area is where most big parties are held.

DJ Platform.

Behind the DJ area, and to its left and right are doors leading to another area and bathroom facilities.

Room behind the DJ Platform.

This is a chill out room, there are some large sofas and an OT Party Mixer to supply you with any refreshments you may need.

Continuing around this area behind the DJ platform, you will find the bathroom facilities

Bathroom Facilities.

and a larger bar area with more sofas and ambient lighting.

Bar and Sofa area.

Heading back into the main area, and towards the main door. On either side of the main door are spirial stair cases. These lead up to more seating areas and a great view of the action going on on the dance floor!

Last updated on 11.26.2012 by Llie
Written by Ukblizzard.
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