The Hollow Reaper

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Every year around Halloween, Uncle Pumpkin-Head comes to Rubi-Ka to haunt us. You can find him in many places, but quite possibly the scariest incarnation appears in Deep Artery Valley; The Hollow Reaper.

The Hollow Reaper

Whenever the Hollow Reaper spawns, a global server message warns everyone:

A dark creature rises from its slumber in Deep Artery Valley. It will be immortal for 15 minutes.

The exact location is
in the middle of Golem Island
Deep Artery Valley - 1760x2840
in Deep Artery Valley. The quickest way there is via the fixer grid, using exit 9-M. Alternatively you can take the whompah from Wine and fly north.

The Hollow Reaper

The Hollow Reaper is a level 250 Uncle Pumpkin-Head, but in fact a lot tougher than his level may suggest. Besides hitting very hard and using stuns, he casts AOE nukes that do about 4000 damage.

He regularly spawns level 250 Spectral Pumpkin-Heads in the area, who hit reasonably hard and have a fair bit of health. They will also stun you, which makes it important to not let their numbers get out of control. He also spawns Unstable Rollerpumpkins, which have only very little health, but will explode and cause AOE damage if you don't kill them quickly.

Spectral Pumpkin-Head

The respawn time of the Hollow Reaper is 9 hours.


The Hollow Reaper has a chance to drop the following items. Items that have a Quality Level may drop in QL 188-300.

Besides these items, many social items drop, which also drop from Spectral Pumpkin-Heads and Unstable Rollerpumpkins. There are too many list them all, but they include Metamorphogenetic Body Armor - Green, Wall Hecks Nanospray, Digummy Merk's Jacket, Not Really The Eye of Neleb and many others.

When the Reaper dies, a tomb stone spawns in his place. If you stand close to it, you will receive a Gift of the Hollow Reaper. When you open it, you get a random reward from his loot table. Items that have a Quality Level will always be QL 250.

Tomb Stone

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