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Around the time of Christmas and the New Year, Santa Leet appears in many of the major cities on Rubi-Ka. You can find him for example near Fair Trade
Andromeda - 3186x927
, south of the Grid exit
in Omni-1 Trade
Omni-1 Trade - 411x499
and on the Hill
in Old Athen
Athen Old - 411x414

Talking with him reveals he could use some help. You can help him with aliens attacking his workshop or with attacking the aliens on the naughty list or stopping the bad kids who are drilling deep underground for a present that does not belong to them! This guide is about the last option; check the links for guides to the other ones.

Santa Leet in Old Athen

The Mission

Accepting the mission will give you map marker to a small dig site in Broken Shores. The fastest way there is via the grid exit in the City of Home. The mission is in a beautiful frosty cave, so cold you can see your breath. In it you will find that the bad kids are in fact members of the Dust Brigade!

Location of the dig site in Broken Shores

The bad kids are the Dust Brigade!

Besides the Dust Brigade, you will encounter various monsters naturally attracted to the cold, such as Gelid Spinetooths and Icy Shadows. The mission scales in difficulty with your character; all monsters will be around the same level as you.

All of them may drop festive social items, such as:

The Dust Brigade members may drop all social items listed above, plus the following additional items:

The Bosses

The dig site is divided into three separate sections, each with a boss. After defeating each boss, a portal spawns to get into the next section.

Lethargic Spinetooth

The Lethargic Spinetooth will regularly spawn cryo blasts in the room, which will hurt when you stand in them. The important thing to know here is that the cryo blasts always spawn in straight lines; horizontal, vertical or diagonal. You can see on the mini map where to move to avoid them.

The Lethargic Spinetooth with cryo blasts visible on the mini map

Ice Golem

The Ice Golem will spawn unnatural ice around the room. It will hurt when you stand in it and also slow you down. Move out of the way as soon as you notice it near you. Note: this is not the same Ice Golem you kill for getting access to Inferno. If you found this guide looking for that, have a look here (omni) or here (clan).

The Ice Golem

Afreet Deavello

This giant lifebleeder will spawn both unnatural ice and cryo blasts. There are two Dust Brigaders with him in the room; it's a good idea to try and pull them out before starting the fight. You can use the pillars for cover as you pull them. Once Afreet Deavello has spotted you, he may warp and stun you, which is particularly bad when combined with cryo blasts.

Afreet Deavello with cryo blasts visible on the mini map

All of the bosses may drop the social items and Frozen Excavation armour and weapons listed above, as well as the following special loot:

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