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If you're here it must be that "Most Wonderful Time of the Year", again! The time of year when Santa Leet brings out his tree and sets up shop to convince or more like bully you into helping him with some missions!

If you open a chat with our Santa Leet he will ask you for some help, and your adventured begin!

Santa Leet: Sup? Canz u halp meh wif something?

Santaleet Chat

When you ask him what he needs help with, he seems to really a lot of help! He first tells you that he needs your help to rid some Aliens from his workshop, and save his Elfleets. He also throws in that there are also some naughty kids somewhere opening gifts before they are ready and gives you the choice of which to help him with.

Asking him about his Work Shop, and where to find it he will tell you:

Santa Leet: It'z a secret, so dun tellz too many peoplez. Over by Uncle Bazzit's, lewk for a littal, leet-sized door. Here r teh coordz. Gewd luck n tnx!

He is kind enough to upload the location to your map, and give you 24 hours to complete the mission! Once you follow the coordinates he gives you to Meetmedere, the Merry making begins!

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Investigate Santa Leet's Gift Factory

After you make your way to the area, you're going to have to look around for this "leet-sized door". If you're not familiar with the area it might be hard to spot. The easiest way to find the door is to locate Uncle Bassit's Workshop. The door to Santa Leet's workshop is hidden on the side of the building in some trash.

Workshop Door
Santa Leet's Gift Factory "leet-sized door".

The workshop consists of five rooms starting with a "Navigation Room" where you'll find the Master Elevator. Each floor has a different mission for you. Once you pick a room and you complete that mission you will use the Master Elevator to travel back to the "Navigation Room" using the Master Elevator and then to get to the "Transport Room".

Elevator Elevator Chat
Navigation Room and Master Elevator

Snowball Throwing Gallery

Find the Scared Elf Leet and open a chat with him. He will recruit you into killing "aliumz" by throwing snow balls at them! Make sure you have Throw Snowball v2.2.

If you don't have it then tell him that you don't have the nano, and he will give it to you. Once tell him you're ready and are done talking to him the game begins in the center of the room! Stand in front of the snowmen and use Snowballs to hit your targets. Only hit the Alien Infected Gifts or you'll have to start all over!


Once you've hit a certain number of them (10), the Scared Elf Leet will let you know you're done.

Scared Elfleet shouts: J00 coem talkz t0 me na0!

So, keep your eye on your vicinity chat! Once you go back and speak with him, he will thank you with a

R-click it and you will get 2 more gifts. R-click those to see what random gift you have received.

If you have not yet, you will also receive:

Gift Wrapping Room

Find the Assembly Line Elfleet and open a chat. Tell him that I really should be looking for the aliens.... He will recruit you into helping him make presents! HE will give you some simple instructions once you agree to help him.

Heer is wut u do!
1. Pick up a b0x
2. Pick up spid3r toy
3. Put t0y n box
4. Wrap prezent on table with paper
5. Gief meh the gift.
And dats it! Halp me maek 5 gifts, and once they maek it 2 storage, dat will b it.

The boxes are the cardboard boxes on the floor in the North East corner of the room, the alien toys are on the conveyor belt next to the boxes. . Sounds simple, right? You should know better! Unfortunately sometimes things go wrong and the presents turn into Alien Infested Gift. The Assembly Line Elfleet will shout in vicinity for help and you will need to kill off the infested gift, and yes...start again!

Wrapping Room 1 Wrapping Room 2

Once you successfully get 5 packages down the conveyor belt go back to the Assembly line Elfleet. Speak with him, he will thank you with a

R-click it and you will get 2 more gifts. R-click those to see what random gift you have received.

If you have not yet, you will also receive:

Package Sorting Room

Find the Elfleet Foreman and open a chat with him. He will recruit you into helping with aliens he has trapped in the sorting room!

]Sorting Room
Sorting Room

If too many Panicked Alien Infested Gifts get through to the elevator, The Elfleet Foreman will ask you to start all over!

Elfleet Foreman shouts: Stop! U let one get away!!1

Elfleet Foreman shouts: Wat!? U let moar get away!?

Panicked Alium

Once you get all the Panicked Alien Infested Gifts, the Elfleet Foreman shouts that you got them all! Open a new chat with him, he will thank you with a

R-click it and you will get 2 more gifts. R-click those to see what random gift you have received.

If you have not yet, you will also receive:

Factory Room

Find the Factory Supervisor and open a chat with him. He will ask for help getting his Factory Elfleets out of the Alien Kyr'Ozch Prisons.

Factory Room
Factory Room

In order to do so, attack the Kyr'Ozch Prison. This will draw the attention of the Invader - Jaax'Sinuh aliens which you will have to kill in addition to the Prisons. Be careful not to step on any of the Kyr'Ozch Mines or it will cause strange effects including rooting you.

Kyr'Ozch Mine

Once you free the Factory Elfleets from their prisons and clear the floor of Invader - Jaax'Sinuh go and speak again with the Factory Supervisor and he will reward you with:

R-click it and you will get 2 more gifts. R-click those to see what random gift you have received.

If by chance you didn't get it already he will give you:

Additionally, before he sends you off to help in the Transport room, if by chance you didn't get it already he will give you:

Factory Storage Room: Eleet Escape

This room lives up to its name. Its filled with storage containers and feels a bit like a maze! There is no leets in sight. It looks like you'll need to do some investigating.

Factory Storage
Factory Storage Room

When you enter this room, be careful of stray aliens as you try to locate the "Scared Factory Leet" who is hiding in the back North East corner.

Scred Factory Leet

Once you convince him you're no alien, and you get around his attitude, you realize he needs an escort out of the storage room. Looks like you're going to have to have his 6 and kill some more aliens! Follow him and he zig-zags and dispatch anything that attacks him before they send him to Leet Heaven and he'll grateful! Once he reaches the elecator, open another chat with him. He will thank you with...what else but a

R-click it and you will get 2 more gifts. R-click those to see what random gift you have received.

If by chance you didn't get it already he will give you:

Transportation Room: Eleet Escape

After completing a room, you will need to head back to the navigation room by using the Express elevator. Once there the Elevator gives you the option to go back to the same room you were just in, or head to the Transport Room. In the Transport Room, you will need to deal with the Alien Commander - Grin'Cha and his deadly spawns which wait for you to eliminate them! If you don't want to take on the Alien Commander - Grin'Cha you can skip the Transport Room, and simply run out of the door located in the Navigation Room. If you change your mind you have 60 minutes in which to re-enter the mission and tackle the Transport room mission!

General Alien

As you fight the Alien Commander - Grin'Cha she will start dropping Heavily Wrapped Alien Infested Gift on your head! If you don't calm (if you're able) or defeat them, you can suffer nanobot damage that can quickly lead to your death. The Alien Commander - Grin'Cha continues to drop Heavily Wrapped Alien Infested Gift throughout the battle. If you haven't managed to kill them all before Grin'Cha dies, don't expect them disappear as the Zix Aliens do when their boss dies. You'll have o eliminate them, or run out if you can!

Heavily Wrappd Infected Gift

If you find your health in peril, remember to run to one of the four (4) wrapped gifts in the corners of the room and r-click them. If you're lucky, you will have found one that heals some of your health points for you. Don't worry, most all heal but there is also one that effects the Alien Commander - Grin'Cha significantly in your favor. The presents regenerate after you use them, so if the fight should go on for long, you can still hope to be gifted with a bit of Health!

Healing Gift

Defeating Grin'Cha gets you the normal Wrapped Gift and a number of Christmas Gifts on the body.

Once you have defeated Alien Commander - Grin'Cha, Santa Leet will appear and shout your success in vicinity! He is at the Elevator and while he has no presents to give you since he doesn't want to let any gift that *might* be infected out of his workshop, (apparently he isn't aware of all the gifts his Elfleets gave out!), or rewards to hand out, he is very grateful. He asks if you are ready to leave, or stay a little longer.

Santa Leet Elevator

Using the elevator at this point will result in a mechanical breakdown, so you really can't really do anymore exploring. Also, if you wish to experience another room in the Work Shop and try to use the elevator to reach the Navigation Room at this point, you will find strange noises start coming from inside the machine, and it is it suddenly "Out of Order".

Open another chat with Santa Leet who is patiently waiting, and he will ask you if you're ready to leave. Answering that you are will get you dropped from a great height just outside of the Workshop.

*Some sites and forum posts reference another item received from/after Grin'Cha but after numerous tries, even on newly rolled characters we did not receive this as a reward, and the Santa Leet clearly states he has no presents to "Geif" us. It is unclear why this isn't dropping anymore. It is unclear if its been removed

Once you leave the Workshop there is a 10 minute "cool down" between each room. This mission is repeatable.

Note:The Christmas gifts received from the Wrapped Gift items received from every room in this mission are random and if you already have an item that is unique, it will tell you that you "already have this item". You will not get another item.

Happy Holidays!

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