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It seems the leets are once again living up to their "Naughty" reputations! One such leet was entrusted with Santa's goodie bag but stole the gifts inside instead. Now he's hiding out in Borealis and hoping you'll help him get back on the "Nice List" without having to do any of the actual work himself.

You'll find the Gift Wrapped Leet hiding under the Christmas tree on the southern end of Borealis. Talk to him and he'll send you on a mission to find the 6 items he stole and dumped around town!

Gift Wrapped Leet
Gift Wrapped Leet

Stolen Gift
Borealis - 691.0x492.3
Christmas Bore 1
Behind the Wall, by the Borealis Sign.
Stolen Gift
Borealis - 611.8x611.8
Christmas Bore 4
South. On the roof East of the Waterfall.
Stolen Gift
Borealis - 638.7x554.3
Christmas Bore 5
Behind the Christmas tree, and Gift Wrapped Leet On the Door's Overhang.
Stolen Gift
Borealis - 681.5x574.7
Christmas Bore
Back Corner of the Antique Building
Stolen Gift
Borealis - 685.3x578.2
Christmas Bore 3
Behind the Mission Agencies sign Near the Antique Shop.
Stolen Gift
Borealis - 763.0x690.3
Christmas Bore 2
On the Armor's Roof in the North East corner

Once you find all his stolen gifts and bring them back to him, he will return them to you and ask you to go give them to your Faction friendly Santa Leet.


Santaleet can be found In Old Athens, ICC, and Omni-1 Trade.

Old Athens
Santa Leet
Athen Old - 405.2x406.4

Santaleet Old Athens

Santa Leet
Andromeda - 3187.0x925.8

Santaleet Icc

Omni-1 Trade
Santa Leet
Omni-1 Trade - 410x500

Santaleet Omni 1 Trade

There is no XP or Credits given from the Gift Wrapped Leet or Santa Leet but, as a thank you Santa Leet gives you the Stolen Gifts to keep, and he will then gift you with both a

Both of which function as a back pack.

You may do the mission again and again, and each time the Santa Leet will give you both the Backpacks and Stolen gifts again, but several of the "Stolen Gifts" are Nodrop Unique and they are the same gifts each time.

Its a nice Holiday mission that gets you some cute loot if it's your first Holiday in Anarchy Online!

Happy Holidays!

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