Father Time

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Every year around the end of the year, Father Time comes to Rubi-Ka in search of something... noone is quite sure what, but he has been seen in various places on the planet during this time. From the years 29486 (2012) to 29494 (2020) he has been spotted searching the Soul Fragment in Central Artery Valley, the Mask of Tragedy in Mort, the Mask of Comedy in Aegean and the Starship Crash Site in Milky Way. As of 29495 (2021) however, he seems to have changed his strategy and is now active in the very
Southern Fouls Hills - 2900x300
of Southern Fouls Hills.

When he spawns, a global system message will show up in your chat:

A harsh cold whips up and time begins to distort as Father Time enters this plane of existence. Hurry to coordinates X: 2900 Z:300 in Southern Fouls Hills. It will be immortal for 15 minutes.

As the message indicates, Father Time will be immortal for 15 minutes, giving people some time to get there before the fight. The fastest way there is exit 7-L in the fixer grid, but high level players can also enter Smugglers Den via the Borealis
Borealis - 720x702
, exit the dungeon in Southern Fouls Hills, and then travel east. A third option is to head to the 20K trading outpost and then take the whom-pah to Southern Fouls Hills.

Father Time is level 220, has a lot of HP, and will occassionally use AOE nukes and mind control, causing you to attack your teammates. If you are low level you might want to keep some distance, but at higher levels the fight shouldn't be too challenging. Be warned though: when you attack Father Time, you will become *flagged for pvp*! After he dies, the respawn time is 9 hours.

Father Time


He has a chance to drop the following items:

Besides these items that are unique to Father Time, he can also drop various other Christmas event items such as:

Note: unlike other special bosses at the birthday and halloween events, Father Time does not spawn a crate after his death that gives an item when you're close. To get loot, you actually have to win loot rights.

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