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During the Valentine's Day event in February, you may find several NPCs with special holiday missions and items. This guide will give the complete overview of where to find them and what to ask them about.

Qi Qiao Jie

You can find this friendly Yutto, named after a Chinese holiday similar to Valentine's Day, in Borealis
close to the grid terminal.
Borealis - 635x710
He has various love-themed items for sale:

Qi Qiao Jie

Adrienne Lefebvre

Adrienne Lefebvre is located
close to the whom-pahs
Borealis - 665x505
in Borealis.

Adrienne Lefebvre

You can talk with her and she'll gladly share the latest gossip and give you some opportunities to help others, or yourself, with their love life.

Helping Alison Graves

If you talk to Adrienne and say you'd like to help others in need, you can pick the option:

I will help the woman who is having issues with her past.

This will give you a mission
just outside
Borealis - 810x437
Borealis. If you go there, you will find a nanomage woman named Alison Graves. Now when Meta-physicists gets overwhelmed by their emotions, such as lovesickness, the situation can quickly become dangerous. Their emotions become physical manifestations that can turn aggressive.

If you accept this mission, you will receive Adrienne's Cherubic Recurve Bow. When you help Alison Graves defeat her Embittered Memories, you will be rewarded with a Cherubic Recurve Bow. You'll be up against three Embittered Memories, which are equal in level to your own. They don't hit very hard, but they have a lot of HP. You can use (right-click) Adrienne's Cherubic Recurve Bow on them to damage them for about 10% of their health at a time.

Alison Graves

Helping William Barnes

If you talk to Adrienne and say you'd like to help others in need, you can instead also pick the option:

I would like to help the troubled married couple.

This will give you a mission
near the south gate
Borealis - 635x425
in Borealis. There you will find a man named William Barnes. If you talk with him, you'll learn his wife is threatening to leave him because of his hopeless forgetfulness. When you suggest him to make up with her with a nice dinner, he'll love the idea and offer you a Hastily Scribbled Shopping List of items to get for him. The shopping list shows his forgetfulness and includes various false hints, but the actual items you need are the following:

You can buy this from the various Food Providers on Rubi-Ka. This is harder than it sounds, because since the 18.7 patch, most Food Providers became bugged and will no longer talk with players. I managed to find one that works in
the middle
Omni-1 Trade - 415x350
of Omni-1 Trade, and another one in Old Athen, at the
Mongol Meat stand.
Athen Old - 525x385
If he doesn't have the items you are looking for, you may consider killing him, which will cycle his inventory when he respawns.

An alternative location is the Food terminal in
Stolt's Trading Outpost
Newland Desert - 2185x1550
. Unlike the Omni and Clan Food Providers, this is available for neutrals as well, but you can't cycle its inventory.
You can buy this from the various Food Providers on Rubi-Ka. See note above.

Eddie also sells this (but not the Crab Surprise).
You can buy this from Bartenders, for example in
Omni-1 Entertainment - 760x760
, the
Happy Rebel
Tir - 550x550
, or
The Grind
Andromeda - 3115x865
These are sold in Furniture terminals, for example at
Tools n Stuff
Borealis - 650x575
in Borealis.

Return all the items to him, including the shopping list, and you will be rewarded with a "Chocolate Exultation" Gift Box.

William Barnes

You've Got Heart

You may also tell her you'd prefer to help yourself, which will give you two options. If you pick the following option, you will receive a mission called "You've Got Heart".

What did you say about a Social Experiment?

If you accept, you will receive one of the following two items:

You now to have find someone else who received the other half, and combine the two into a Floating Heart Lantern - Full. When you return this full lantern to her, she'll give it back to you to keep, plus another half lantern you may use to help out someone else.

Rubi-Ka Marriage Registry

Alternatively, you may ask her about the Rubi-Ka Marriage Registry.

I would like to learn more about the RKMR.

You will receive a mission
just outside
Borealis - 785x555
Borealis, where you will find an RKMR Representative.

RKMR Representative

Talking with her gives you a mission to contact two other RKMR Representatives for details about marriage ceremonies and the various locations you might consider for it.

After talking with the third RKMR Representative, you will receive the following two items:

Her Outfit

Note: Contrary to what you may expect, this is not a mission with a reward. This is a Funcom advertisement to point you to the store.

If you mention to Adrienne that you like her outfit, she will point you to the in-game item store. your outfit.

The following items are available:

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