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This guide shows what you are faced to progress through levels. By no means the charts should demotivate you! Please keep in mind that the experience gain increases while you are leveling, not immensely with each single level up but enough to make it possible still.
For more accurate comparism the Shadowknowledge (SK) is converted to Experience (XP) by the factor 1000. While this factor may not reflect the reality, it's a mostly accepted way.
To avoid a huge table with all the little shiny numbers and possibly confusion connected, the guide mainly stays with charts.

So let's start with the insanity!

The first graphs show the required XP classified by the title levels.
Title level included level range Title level included level range
1 1-14 5 150-189
2 15-49 6 190-204
3 50-99 7 205-220
4 100-149

Now let's take a look at the partition of Shadowlevel vs. classic level. Left picture shows the pie chart of total XP (SK*1000=XP) sorted by title levels, right one sorted by classic/SL.

Warning: Numbers!!!
Those two charts are based on the following XP sums
Title level total XP Title level total XP
1 70,550 5 1,090,699,900
2 1,378,900 6 1,114,048,200
3 27,405,300 7 14,505,601,000
4 257,191,100

Level total XP %
1-200 2,061,353,950 12.13
201-220 14,935,041,000 87.87
1-220 16,996,394,950 100

Yes, you read right! 17 billion! Still many player make it to 220... sometimes even in really little time. Hope you are not demotivated now. Let's take a look at a nicer point of view, all we have done is tricking a bit with using a logarithmical y-axis.

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Written by Niodemus
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