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Ever wondered what the Team Level in the Team Window actually affected? After a little research through the Official Forums, a post by ARK Regulas from March 2004 provided the answer.

Team level is a bonus given to your team for sticking together. It grants the following:

-Increased chance of disarming a trap/opening a door successfully

-Increased chance of landing nano programs successfully.

-An AMS/DMS (attack and defense) boost

The 2005 Official Game Manual from FC gives the following information:

Teams that stay together for a long period of time get more coordinated, and fight better together. With time their team level increases, and they gain a small bonus to offensive and defensive skills.

The team level starts at 1, and can be no higher than 5. Getting your team level to 5 takes several hours though, and each time a member of the team leaves (or is kicked out), the team level decreases by 1.

The theory of Team Level affecting the percentage of valuable items dropping has never been proven.

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