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This list is a bulletproof guide to getting your full Shadowfade Armor! The armour drops in the Temple of Three Winds, you can read about the dungeon here.

Which piece drops where in the Temple?

Sleeves: The sleeves drop from the different Reverends. The easiest Reverend to kill to get the sleeves is the first Reverend you encounter in the beginning of the temple (Third room: Room with a fake-portal / In the first room where you can go either left or right).

Pants: The pants drop from Windcallers and Reverends. There has been confirmed drop from the Reverend you encounter when you are approaching the room with the Guardian of Tomorrow in.

Gloves: The gloves drop from random Reverends. A confirmed drop is from the first Reverend you encounter after going RIGHT after Defender of the Three (Towards GOT). He is in the end of a hallway in a nook, right across from the door guarded by two cultists.

Boots: The boots drop from the Windcallers in Exarch room, next to the Curator room. (The room with Exarch Li-po). To get there, take the MIDDLE door (straight foreward) from Defender of the Three.

Helmet: The helmet is considered a rare drop. It drops from a Windcaller in the same room as the Boots, the room next to the Curator.

Chest: The chestpiece drops from several Windcallers, and it always (99%) drops from Windcaller Tilla (In Aztur/Uklesh room).

Ingame pictureArmor SetStatistics for the Armor
Armor Classes
Projectile AC
Melee AC
Energy AC
Chemical AC
Radiation AC
Cold AC
Poison AC
Fire AC

Aimed Shot





That's it, now you have a full Shadowfade Armor!

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