Shadow Rifts

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You may find these in your missions, when used they provide a temporary buff to your abilities.
There are 7 different Shadow Rifts:

Blessed by the Bear

Modifies stats to increase your damage output
(Blessed by the Bear)

Blessed by the Eagle

Modifies stats to increase your evasion
(Blessed by the Eagle)

Blessed by the Firefly

Increases your Nanopoints
(Blessed By the Firefly)

Blessed by the Frog

Modifies stats to increase your defense
(Blessed by the Frog)

Blessed by the Phoenix

Heals you over the period of the nano
(Blessed by the Phoenix)

Blessed by the Spirits

Gives you an xp bonus over the period of the nano.
(Blessed by the Spirits)

Blessed by the Wolf

Increases your attack ratio
(Blessed by the Wolf)

Each only takes 1 NCU and last 3 minutes. You will also have a glowing ball over your head, indicating you have some enhanced abilities.

Shadow Rifts are the same QL as mission they are in, so while at low levels the gain might be minimal, they give quite a big boost at higher levels.

Since they can be found in team and solo missions, teamed players must decide who will use it (they can only affect one player then the rift vanishes from view).

Note: Firefly is usually used by tanks (mongoing enforcers) or by healers. But it's really the players decision, who will benefit most from it (or it should be, teams are as strong as it's weakest member).

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