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All player characters can have their own apartments in the game. This guide will explain how to get one, how you can change the location of your apartment and what you can place in it.

How do I get an Apartment?

You get your apartment in such an easy way that you may actually have one and have not realized it! You get it the first time you enter an 'apartment' door in one of the backyard areas in a major city. All apartments are in the backyards. You cannot have an apartment anywhere else in Rubi-ka (If you have Shadowlands, you can own another apartment in Jobe (this includes a normal and a luxury). Also, if you have Legacy of the Xan, you can also access apartments in the Sunrise Station. This means you can have up to 4 apartments per character).

Lets have a look at the apartments!

In Omni backyards the apartments are up the stairs on the upper level of the backyard to your right as you enter the backyard from the city. In clan territories they are also on the raised section inside a backyard.

Once you have entered your first apartment it's yours and a key will appear in your inventory.

The key must be in your main inventory every time you want to get into your apartment (not in a backpack).

What is in my apartment?

When you get your new place, it's empty. You will have an entrance hall, a large room and an smaller room on the right side. Clan, Neutral and Omni apartments all look different.

So what about furniture?

Furniture can be bought from furniture terminals in Luxury Stores and Specialist Commerce shops. You can have up to 30 items in your apartment. If you leave any furniture over this limit it will disappear.

You can add picture frames for the walls, plants, stereo systems, lights, lamps, statues and even a refrigerator!

If you have the Alien Invasion expansion you can also add larger furniture like chairs, tables and beds. To buy this furniture go to
Uncle Bazzit's Workshop
Newland Desert - 1545x2720
in the town Meetmedere in Newland Desert at the coordinates 1545, 2720. However, be aware that the furniture does not have any collision detection and cannot be used to sit on.

Can I have guests in my apartment?

Of course! you can invite friends over to your place. For them to enter they must be teamed with you. Be sure to be team leader. Enter your apartment first, then your guests may enter.

Can I change my apartment?

You have to purchase an Apartment Application Form in any Basic, Advanced or Superior shop. It will allow you to get a new apartment, but be aware that whatever items you had in your old apartment are lost. So you better check your inventory and bank for your key before you take this drastic step.

What if I delete or lose my key?

As mentioned above, you can reset your original Apartment and get a new one if you want.

Last updated on 10.01.2012 by Llie
Information originally provided by Windguaerd
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