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Recipebot is an ingame bot that can give you information on tradeskill processes and quests. Since 25 January 2010, Recipebot and AO-Universe began to work together to enable a more comprehensive knowledge base between the two tools. With us, you can now have a condensed ingame guide and a full explanation with picture on this site.

Recipebot was originally created by Beaexn and Oldchap and he is hosted by the Helpbot's team.

Let's see what you can do with this wonderful bot.

Note: Recipebot is a player-run service and as such may not always be available. As an alternative, you can use Helpbot. See that guide for more info, as well as for alternative bots, if Helpbot itself is not available either.

Recipebot's guides shape

Recipebot's guides are always in this shape:

A full list of what you have to get to make the recipe. This list can be hidden in option ( see below )


the tradeskill process givin like this:
[ Skills ] [First Object] + [Second Object] = [Third Object]
Any tools that don't disapear in the tradeskill process are flaged by a red *
[ Skills ] can be preceeded or followed by a number. When it's preceded, such as [ 5CL ] this mean that you need 5xQL of the object in Computer Literacy. If followed ( CL450 ) this means that you need 450 in Computer Literacy.


If needed, you will find here some details/explanation on the tradeskill process.

Navigate into Recipebot's guides

/tell recipebot recipe
This will allow you to navigate through Recipebot's guides

Items interactivity

The best use of Recipebot is to send him a tell with an Item reference or just the text, Recipebot will then give you an overview of what you can do with it. For example, if you can't remember how to make a nano program, just /tell Recipebot with one part used in the process and he will give you the guide.

For example: /tell recipebot Hacker Tool
This will give you the following result:

Specials items features

With some items, Recipebot can tell you more than just what process it is used in. For example:

Pattern : with pattern parts, Recipebot will give you information on where to hunt for them and which symbiant drops from the PB.
Clump : with AI clumps, Recipebot will tell you what type can be gained from the clump.
Instruction Disc : with IDs, Recipebot can show you the final nano
BETA : Recipebot try to give you the selling price of items you tell to him. unfortunatly, this feature is not accurate.

Personal Options

You can set some personal options in Recipebot, such as different view
/tell recipebot options

You can change you Computer Literacy value for pricing function like this:
/tell recipebot cl <Value>

Other commands

/tell recipebot report <Text>
Allows you to contact Recipebot's admin with missing recipes or bugs. If possible, please add a weblink when possible.

/tell recipebot search <Text>
Search into guide body for Text match. Text must be at least 4 characters long.

Now, with our partnership, Recipebot search command will return you AO-Universe results.

Last updated on 05.27.2022 by Saavick
Written by Beaexn.
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