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All professions have ranks which are reached by gaining a certain title level.
Also you gain more IP after you reach each Title Level.

Title Level 1 = Starts at Level 5, 5k IP per Level
Title Level 2 = Starts at Level 15, 10k IP per Level
Title Level 3 = Starts at Level 50, 20k IP per Level
Title Level 4 = Starts at Level 100, 40k IP per Level
Title Level 5 = Starts at Level 150, 80k IP per Level
Title Level 6 = Starts at Level 190, 150k IP per Level
Title Level 7 = Starts At Level 205, 400k IP per Level

Below is a table with all the professions ranks and title levels from level 1 to 220.

Last updated on 01.25.2007 by Ukblizzard
Information originally provided by Windguaerd.
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