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What is LFT?

The LFT Interface is used to look for, usually, quick pick-up groups for various activities from leveling, questing/missioning to raids. It is a global interface that allows people to advertise what they wish to participate in and allows for invitations to teams without having to be in visual range as long as you are in teaming range.

How do I access and use the LFT Window?

There are two ways to open up the LFT interface, either via the Control Panel located at the bottom right of your window:

or by simply pressing:
on your keyboard. Once you have done either you will be presented with a window much like this one:

It does not show too much information currently, but there are a few key settings that can be used if you are either looking to start a team or if you wish to advertise yourself as looking for a particular team.

The top three dropdown boxes are used to limit or expand the search results you are faced with. For instance if your team is only looking for a doctor you can choose to only search for Doctors that are currently on LFT.

Once you have pressed Search, your LFT Window will display anyone in your teaming range that meets the requirements you have set, like displayed below.

The tables at the top can also be handy to take note of, as it will allow you to customize the order in which the results are displayed. For instance by level, profession or quite simply name.

At the very bottom of your LFT Window you have two buttons that allow you to interact with the character you have selected in the result area. You can either send them a tell or invite them to team. It is usually common courtesy to send the person a tell beforehand to confirm that they do indeed wish to team.

Below these two buttons is where you yourself can advertise yourself as Looking For Team. First type in a "Personal Description", this can list anything you are up for teaming to do from quests and missions to hecklers and cyborgs. Don't forget to check "Looking for Team" on the left side, or else you will not come up as a result for anyone else searching for team mates. (Note: Your "Personal Description" is automatically updated if you change it.)

Best of luck finding friendly teams via the LFT interface!

Last updated on 07.06.2010 by Ukblizzard
Written by Quilluck.
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