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Prior to the ICC Shuttleport Island and Arete, when you started a new character on Rubi Ka, depending on your faction you ended up in a Backyard. The Backyards are "holo worlds" located in the large cities belonging to each faction.

You can still enter the backyards, and they are a good place to go if you feel like you left Arete a little early and need some more time to familiarize yourself with what you are doing. Some people use them as places to hang out even at level 220.

    Note: With the introduction of the Rubi-ka2019 (RK19) server in 2019, for anyone playing on that server the only option for a starter area is the Backyards.

    Omnis in Rome
    Clans in Tir
    Neutrals in Newland City.

Omni-Tek Backyards

The Omni-Tek Backyards are located in Omni-1 Entertainment, Omni-1 Trade District, and Rome Blue and Green. Let's go and have a look inside one! They look like this on the outside:


Welcome to Highrise 3, Rome Blue.
I actually have an apartment in this Highrise, or at least I did have. My key broke and the locksmith has let me down on so many occasions ... urm .. *cough*. Sorry.

Inside you will see quite a few things you can interact with. Firstly, because as I said this used to be a starter area, the Highrises have these hovering in the air.

Help stations.

They are help stations and if you shift and right click them, a help window will open and give you instructions. You will see quite a few of these in the Highrise over things such as the Omni-Tek Cell Structure Scanner, Stationary Automated Surgery Clinic, Mission Terminal etc. as well as in the actual backyard areas.

Also within the Highrise area is a guide.


She will give you quite a bit of basic gameplay advice, such as:

- Combat
- Missions
- Using an item
- Insurance Terminals
- Using a Shop
- Entering an Apartment
- The Training Ground (backyard)
- Exiting things

Towards the back of the Highrise area, you will find a swimming pool and the entrance to the Holo World.

Holoworld entrance.

Inside the Holo World

Aerial view.

Once inside the area, you will find a guard who isnt particularly chatty, a start up shop selling low QL Nano and Health Packs as well as some miscellaneous items.

Safe area.

Next to the shop is a "Random Name Generator". By clicking this terminal, it will randomly give you a first and last name. Out of the "safe area" near the guard, you will see lots of creatures you can gain XP from if you are of an appropriate level.

In the South East corner of the Backyard, you will find a Secondhand Peddler. This is a shop NPC and sells weapons, armour and miscellaneous items.

Secondhand Peddler.

In the far North East corner is a level 4 to 5 Dynaboss who will be harder to kill than the other mobs in the area, but who will usually drop multiple things at once.

Example of a Dynaboss in the Holo World.

Clan Backyards

I have to say neither the Guide nor the Guard were particularly welcoming when I visited a Clan Apartment Complex for this part of the guide. However, you will find clan apartment buildings in Tir, Old Athen and West Athen. If you are Clan or Neutral you should have no issues with hospitality! They look like this:

Clan appartment complex.

On the inside, you will find all the terminals and features that were in the Omni Highrise, except its a little more sandy in here.

Inside the appartment Complex.

There is also a guide, who didn't like me being there:

Clan Guide.

The training area for Clanners is called Entertainment Park. Its entrance is located at the back of the Apartment Building area.

Entrance to Entertainment Park.

Inside the Entertainment Park.

Inside the Entertainment park was a very friendly guard who also told me I was not welcome. You should also find a Secondhand Peddler hiding in some grass in the south east corner of the park.

Secondhand Peddler.

Also, should you wish to look for the dynaboss, it is usually a salamander and looks like this:

Example of a Dynaboss in the Entertainment Park.

Neutral Backyards

The Neutral Backyards are located in Newland City and Borealis. They look like this on the outside

Neutral Backyard entrance.

The neutral backyards, it has to be said, are a little dusty on the inside. Let's have a look around!

Inside the Backyard.

As you will see when you go inside, there are many similar things to the other factions backyards. You should find the help stations as well as a guide.

Neutral Guide.

There are also apartment buildings and other terminals. Within the backyard, Neutrals have a junkyard as a training area.

Junkyard entrance.

Junkyard aerial view.

Within the junkyard are lots of low level creatures you can practice your skills on. In addition, there is a guard and also a secondhand peddler in here.

Neutral Guard.

Secondhand Peddler.

The Secondhand Peddler is located at 193 x 153 within the Junkyard. Also, as with the other factions areas, you will find a dynaboss. It is located to the far west of the Junkyard.

Example of a Dynaboss in the Junkyard.

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Written by Ukblizzard.
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