Torrith the Ancient

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Level: 100-150
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Torrith the Ancient
Greater Tir County - 275x1940
is a unique encounter in Greater Tir Country. Like other unique encounters, he has a lot of HP and very high HP regeneration. A level 150+ player should be able to solo him.

Torrith is located in Greater Tir County (275,1940) and is level 115. No special tactics are needed to kill him. Located near the zone border, the area offers a retreat possibility if players start to doubt they can kill it. With high HP regeneration, the strategy of zoning to heal up doesn't help too much though, since by the time the player returns the mob will be (nearly) fully healed.

Torrith the Ancient.

This is the item he drops:

Drops in QL range 87 to 143.

The Melee Nball isn't a 100% drop, but it's fairly close. He may also drop implants, rings and bracers. Interestingly, 3 or 4 Neural Interpreting Nball - Handguns are reported to have dropped right after Torrith was introduced in-game, but nothing more since then. Aside from from Torrith though, both Melee and Ranged Nballs in all QLs may drop from Griefing Uncle Pumpkin-Head during the Halloween events.

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