R-2000 Vermin Disposal Unit

Class: All Classes
Faction: All Factions
Level: 100-150
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R-2000 Vermin Disposal Unit is one of special encounters on a random timer. This level 100 monster is one of easiest of them, just bear in mind that it has same high health regen as the rest. No one knows who made it or what purpose does it serve, but when engaged, it proclaims "Dust to dust", using same phrase as Dust Brigade. The site is popular with level 120-140 Engineers, who are after part needed for a pistol.
R-2000 Vermin Disposal Unit
Greater Tir County - 740x1835
spawns at 740,1835 in Greater Tir County.

Last updated on 08.02.2013 by Llie
Information originally provided by Trgeorge.
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