Marcus Robicheaux

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Level: 100-150
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Marcus Robicheaux
Broken Shores - 1505x2800
is on of those special encounters on a random timer. He's level 105, monster type. Located at 1505,2800 in Broken Shores, it soon becomes apparent that killing him might not be so hard, staying alive yourself might. He namely stands in 25% gas zone. Since items can not be looted from freshly killed PvP corpse anymore, this isn't as big a problem, but it might still require some tactics. What good does it do to almost kill this NPC, if someone kills you? With high health regen, attacker might as well wait for Marcus to regain his health and then kill it, to ensure he/she got loot. But there is a cabin near-by (with door that might or might not work) and gas border N/NE at river bend. So players might get bigger kick out of playing mind games with competition than from killing NPC itself.

His loot consist of:

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Information originally provided by Trgeorge.
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