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Wandering across the regions around Tir and Omni Forest you will find a few unique mini-bosses. They all have several characteristics in common: they are all either a reet or a leet. Their level varies but is usually under level 15. Each one, like all other unique bosses, has far more health points than regular mobs their own level. They cannot be charmed or calmed. They each have a 100% drop rate on a special item that only drops from that particular creature. Every one of them wanders great distances from their spawn points, so finding one can be quite a challenge. They instantly respawn upon death, but not necessarily at the same place. And finally, they don't care if you are level 1 or 220, they will instantly aggro you if you get too close. (Aw, look! Isn't it adorable how the little critter is trying to kill me?)

The item each mob drops will be up to QL 15 or so. So, why would anyone be interested in these little reets and leets and the trinkets they possess? The items provide small, but useful, buffs and are worn in locations that other common buffing items don't take up. And if nothing else, just for the bragging rights of having found one of these critters.

Below is a table listing each creature, roughly where it is located, and the item it drops, and why you might be interested. (The waypoint given is only for reference, and the mob in question could be just about anywhere in that playfield.)


Tir County - 1500x600

Crater Farm Region, Tir County.

Pistol, Fling shot, and Projectile damage modifier.

Tir County - 3300x600

Inquisitive Wasp, Tir County.

Tutoring and Psychology.
Change side by right-clicking.

Greater Tir County - 3200x1600

East Broken Ground Region, Greater Tir County.

Treatment and First aid.

Omni Forest - 800x2400

Sunken Swamps, Omni-Forest.

Melee AC and Biological metamorphosis.

Tir County - 300x1200

Kuroshio Forest, Tir County.

Add All Def.

Omni Forest - 450x1280

Swamp River Delta, Omni-Forest.

Heavy weapons and Grenade.

Greater Tir County - 1200x2300

Tir Desert, Greater Tir County.

Chemical AC and Body development.

Greater Omni Forest - 1100x1300

Rocky Grasslands, Greater Omni-Forest.

Bow and Bow special attack.

Tir County - 2200x700

Crownhead Forest, Tir County.

Body development.

Greater Omni Forest - 2200x1300

Omni Forest Grassland, Greater Omni-Forest.

Projectile AC, Melee AC, and Brawl.

As previously mentioned, locating one of these little creatures can be quite a challenge. We offer the following suggestions. Go to the location specified in this guide and run around (preferably in a spiral outward) rather than flying and madly tap the tab button. The regions that these little guys are located is usually covered with lots of other low level creatures (often times reets and leets too). By running around, you stand a better chance at drawing aggro from one of these as you run past.

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