The Primus Camp

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Level: 150-220
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Primus Camp
Eastern Fouls Plain - 680x1400
in Eastern Fouls Plains, long ago also known as the Ace Camp, is best known as the place where you can spawn and fight the Mercenaries. Besides the Mercenaries though, there are some other interesting mobs to fight here, with their own unique loot.

The Primus Camp in Eastern Fouls Plains

Quartus, Tertius, Secundus, Primus

In the camp you will find the following mobs:

  • Quartus - Level ~180
  • Tertius - Level ~200
  • Secundus - Level ~220
  • Primus - Level ~240

A Tertius Diversionist

They are similar to mission mobs of their level and may use nanos appropriate to their profession, such as roots, heals, Nano Shutdown etc. An important thing to note is that Quartus, Tertius and Secundus mobs will panic when they get to about 10% health and run away. To avoid them running off and pulling adds, you might want to root them or save your weapon specials so you can finish them off quickly when they start running.

All of these have a chance to drop Basic Implants between about QL 140 to 300, as well as Clusters and Jobe Clusters in that range. The following special loot also drops:

Note: Several more Small Ebony Figurines exist in the database, but these do not drop here.

Notum Profundis

Occasionally when you kill a Primus, a Notum Profundis will spawn in its place. Like a Primus, these are around level 240, but they are quite a bit tougher. Besides hitting as hard as you might expect from a level 240, they frequently cast AOE nukes. Using Nano Shutdown on them helps against this.

They may drop the following loot:

Like Primus mobs, they will also drop Basic Implants, Clusters and Jobe Clusters. They appear to have a particular bias to drop Heal Delta and Add All Def clusters.

A Notum Profundis


One particular Primus located in the
southside of the camp
Eastern Fouls Plain - 720x1320
has a chance to spawn Otacustes. To read more about Otacustes and the Mercenaries, have a look here.


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