The Pest

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Level: 150-220
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So, fancy getting your hands on one of these items: Petticoat of Pest, Left Sleeves of the Pest, Right Sleeves of the Pest, NanoCrystal (Corruption of The Pest), NanoCrystal (Lick of the Pest), or Patch of Pest? They are not a 100% drop rate, but if you think you would like to try your luck, you will need to take a trip to Deep Artery Valley. Here to be exact:


When you get here, your first sight is likely to be these most welcoming stinky creatures called Stinkblobs:


Although what you are looking for is a placeholder called
Rot Plague
Deep Artery Valley - 1300x2330


Rot Plague appears to be on a 20 minute spawn timer, and also seems to have about a 20% chance each 20 minutes or thereabouts to spawn the stinky creature you are looking for.

When you have killed Rot Plague and triggered the spawning of The Pest you will be faced with a level 200 creature and his friends.


The Pest Pus can be a little annoying to say the least, more and more are spawned by The Pest, but with a little skill on your part we are certain you will be walking away with some of the above items really soon!

Last updated on 08.02.2013 by Llie
Guide written by Ukblizzard and Uragon
Map images taken from Atlas of Rubi Ka and Dovves Map.
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