Special Agent Lamb

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Level: 150-220
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Enigma Island

Location: Twin Peninsula, Deep Artery Valley
The entrance to this island is on the western side. When you get there you will be greeted with relatively mid level Enigma creatures.

The Island.

Once there, you need to make your way around the island and over its bridges until you reach a cluster of trees. It is in this area that you will face your targets.

Where you will meet your targets.

Thugs and Apprentices

Beyond these trees, you are likely to find Lamb's Thugs as well as Lamb's Apprentice. The Thugs are adds, they are around level 210 to 215 and have a habit of trying to flee from you when their health is very low. These mobs are Omni alligned, so they will not agro an Omni unless attacked first. If you are a lower level team than a bunch of 220's (of which we were when we wrote this) it might be useful to have a calmer with you to help control how many adds you get attacking you.

The Thugs may cast Entrap Victim on you.

Lamb's Thug

In addition to the Thugs, you are likely to find Lamb's Apprentice at this location. This is Special Agent Lamb's placeholder. She is level 255.

Lamb's Apprentice

She has quite high nano resist, but not impossible! She hits for up to 2k but otherwise didn't have any annoying tricks up her sleeve that we noticed. The Apprentice has a 15minute respawn timer, if you are lucky though.. instead of her respawning, you will be faced with the Agent!

Special Agent Lamb

Special Agent Lamb is around level 270 to 280. He will not agro you unless you attack him as an Omni. He hits for between 2k to 3k of fire damage. Lamb may also cast Delayed Assassin on you.

Special Agent Lamb.

When you do start attacking him, he will become surrounded by Lamb's Pocket-Companion. These adds are level 220.

Lamb's Pocket-Companion

When you have killed Lamb, his companions will despawn.


From Lamb's Thug and Lamb's Apprentice
These mobs drop random pieces of the following armour

ICC Armor
Omni-Pol Armor
InternOps Armor

From Lamb

Last updated on 02.15.2011 by Trgeorge
Written by Ukblizzard
Researched by Ukblizzard, Gimpeline, Niamur, Tarels and Nadab.
Thanks for the HSR Detective feedback from Nihtilah.
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